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Talalay latex is the Mercedes of latex. Our ULTRA PLUSH latex mattress offers a 5 1/2 inch solid Talalay core plus 2 more inches of soft 22 ILD Talalay latex on one side quilted to 1.5" of wool blend on both sides giving you a choice in firmness depending on which side is up. Add in a beautiful cotton damask fabric and you've got, in our opinion, the finest mattress money can buy.

This mattress is 9.5" thick and weighs about 170 lbs. in the king size. Sets include heavy duty Ortho Foundation which offer firm support. Don't settle for second rate Belgium latex when you can have our 100% blended Talalay latex. Easily compares to Natures Rest by Spring Air, "Spring Free" by Sealy and Serta's PureResponse Latex mattresses however we use no cheap polyurethane on our edges, it's all latex! 20 year limited warranty. 10 year non pro-rated, 10 year pro-rated. We offer core ILD's of 28 soft, 33 medium and 38 firm. 60 day satisfaction guarantee less shipping costs. Please select MOTOR FREIGHT as shipping method when ordering.

Warning! This item is very heavy and NOT recommended for out of state orders due to the difficulties involved if a comfort exchange is necessary. We strongly recommend our Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Mattress instead. The comfort level is the same but much easier to assemble and exchange if necessary.