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Natural Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper

2" Natural Dunlop Latex Toppers

Arizona Premium Mattress offers 100% Natural Dunlop Latex mattress toppers at truly bargain pricing! Latex toppers are available in 2 inch thick configurations in a soft 20 ILD 4.75 lb density.

All latex mattress pads are cut to fit standard mattress sizing. Our latex toppers are manufactured via the Dunlop process resulting in a high quality, most supportive and comfortable latex toppers available. No harmful additives, just 100% all natural latex.

Latex sleep surfaces are extremely durable which will provide years of trouble free use and comfort. Latex has a firm and springy feeling to it. For people who enjoy a firm but still comfy sleep surface, latex toppers might but the perfect match.

Latex toppers are also a great match for larger people who are looking for a comfort layer for their current mattress. All natural 100% white latex provides an extremely comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Our latex toppers do not include synthetic additives or fillers.

* 100% All Natural Latex Rubber - no synthetic material or fillers added
* Biodegradable
* Available in soft #20 ILD
* 2" Topper Thickness
* Toppers are cut to standard industry sizing
* Inherently Anti-Microbial and Hypo-allergenic
* Topper perforations for additional air flow

The latex rubber used in our toppers is harvested from rubber trees (Hevea tree) located in Sri Lanka. Each Hevea tree provides approximately 15 grams of latex per day. To put that in perspective, a queen size topper needs approximately the daily output of 2500 rubber trees, spread out over 12 acres of the plantation. In return, these 2500 Heava trees account for the removal of 143 metric tons of Carbon dioxide from the environment every year!

Arizona Premium Mattress latex toppers are manufactured via the Dunlop process in molds that contain small posts which creates ventilation holes throughout the product. These holes allow air to move more freely and provides a better breathing product.

Latex is environmentally friendly, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. The extremely durable latex rubber is naturally resilient and will not flatten over time.

These toppers are shipped from our suppliers Los Angeles warehouse within 48-72 hours. Toppers are considered a personal item and are non-returnable.