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Latex mattresses are the ultimate in sleep comfort.

Listen to our radio interview about latex mattresses

Latex foam mattresses are therapeutic and provide extraordinary orthopedic support naturally. We've seen latex beds last over 50 years and they are impression resistant which means that big dip in your existing mattress can become a thing of the past if you purchase a latex bed instead of that pillow top mattress you see at your local discount membership warehouse. Latex mattresses offer very little if any side to side motion transfer.

Latex mattresses offer the best return on investment due to their increased durability. Latex foam mattresses are recommended by top Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors around the globe because of their extraordinary comfort and the unmatched orthopedic support.

Whether it's Dunlop Latex or Talalay, natural latex or synthetic, and you like the feel of it, your mattress is going to last a long time. Latex mattresses made in the 1950s lasted 30 years and longer. Learn more about why other companies charge you so much for these mattresses by reading our article Why Do "Green" Mattresses Cost So Much?

Our family run latex mattress factory here in Phoenix, AZ offers the best value in the nation when it comes to either talalay latex beds or natural dunlop latex. Our custom designed latex mattresses bring you the most bang for the buck due to our low overhead and huge buying power because latex mattresses, latex toppers and pillows are pretty much all we do here. We devote all of our mattress manufacturing expertise into delivering the most affordable and yet highest quality latex foam mattresses anywhere in the country.