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Why choose a natural latex pillow

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Our heads are important. They’re where we see from, where our food goes when we need to eat, where we listen from, and what we use to read cool articles on the internet. So it just makes sense that when we go to rest our bodies, our heads would get their own bed on top of what we already lay on, and why it’s doubly important that what it rests on is made of the highest quality materials out there.

When it comes to a quality pillow, it all comes down to your neck. In case you didn’t know, your head is heavy. A normal human head is about as heavy as a three-month-old baby, and the muscles in your neck weigh significantly less. With today’s obsession with technology, the collective hunching of necks over smartphones are making neck problems more and more common.

When you need a pillow and you need it fast, department stores have a whole aisle dedicated to fiber and down pillows. The cheap chain store pillows will only puff out around you as soon as you lay your head down, and then after their first washing, they’ll get bunched up and out of shape so badly that you’ll need to buy another one.

Memory foam pillows are also a big seller nowadays, but the problem with a memory foam pillow is its lack of breathability, which may cause you get too hot when you sleep. Not only is waking up sweaty uncomfortable and unpleasant, it can also affect the quality of your sleep. In addition, people also complain of an unpleasant odor when memory foam bedding is first unpackaged. That’s because of the chemicals used in the creation of the pillow. Most of them are toxic, like the things you can’t pronounce on the side of a hair spray can.  

The best way to give your neck a hand, second only to practicing proper smartphone usage habits, is to make sure you get to sleep on a pillow that supports your neck like it deserves after a hard day. And the best pillow for your neck are our natural latex pillows.

Natural latex is simply the best material in bedding, period. It’s completely hypo-allergenic and made without petrochemical materials, so there’s no smelly trial period. Actually, some buyers have said it smells faintly of vanilla. That’s one of the many perks of only using all-natural ingredients. And because the natural latex process creates a strong, flexible and durable product, these pillows end up giving unparalleled support to achy necks. Our pillows’ shape is also ideal to this end. The dual-lobed cervical design trumps the old-hat “brick” design most pillows still use.

Latex pillows are also breathable thanks to the air bubbles that form naturally throughout the manufacturing process, but ours are pincored, or poked full of holes, for extra breathability and comfort, meaning that every time you lay your head down on a Natural Latex pillow from Arizona Mattress, you’ll feel a nice breeze through the pillow instead of your head smacking a feathery rectangle, followed by the race to fall asleep before your pillow gets too warm and uncomfortable.

So at night, treat your head like the precious cargo it is. Buy an All-Natural Latex Pillow in a variety of sizes from Arizona Mattress. Because when you’re looking for the best in sleep, you’re always going to be looking at Arizona Mattress Company.