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The Benefits of Latex Mattresses

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Many products made to sleep upon are crafted from materials that are super soft to the touch. This is, of course, a natural way to want your sleep gear. Yet, back when sleep products were advancing beyond a burlap sheet and a pile of hay, the materials used were quite recognizable: cotton, feathers, down, and in really posh cases, silk. But as times went from pre- to post-industrial, the wonder of plastics and the materials made possible with petroleum byproducts lent itself to creating easy to produce, affordable, and widespread bedding choices.

Some of the best bedding has been around for decades, and has never required the use of a guy in a lab coat. Case in point: the wide variety of all-natural latex mattresses we provide at great prices. Thanks to the versatility of natural latex, a wide range of firmness and depths can be created, ensuring that any range of backs will be comforted, and be comforted for quite a while. The normal latex mattress can be expected to have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. In some cases, latex mattresses can live to be over 50!

So how does this compare to things we’re used to sleeping on right now? Traditional spring mattresses provide comfort by having rows and rows of springs basically wrapped up by other traditional sleep materials - foam, cotton, polyurethane cushioning, etc. Yet, aside from the springs themselves, much of the materials used are not recyclable or reusable. You see, natural latex mattresses aren’t just more economical, they’re much better for the environment too.

Recently, petrochemicals have entered the sleep spotlight in a big way. Most memory foam is derived from plastics, and anyone who’s owned plastic-based memory foam can tell you straight away - it smells like it. Another common complaint with memory foam mattresses is that they tend to overheat those who sleep on them, and traditional mattresses only breathe from the inside when the springs compress and decompress. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, never overheat. The manipulability of natural latex allows a mattress to be pincored, which makes the mattress capable of ventilation so they never overheat.

Natural latex is also much better for the environment. Chemically-based memory foam mattresses have one of three fates when their use comes to an end: they can either be entombed in a landfill until judgment day, recycled into something useful, or the worst way to go - into an incinerator. This releases all of the nasty things they were made with into the atmosphere, adding to pollution with greenhouse gases.

That’s something you’ll never have to worry about while relaxing on your natural latex mattress. Where other mattresses may have a list of ingredients that are about as pronounceable as the back of a TV dinner, natural latex is comprised of a list of ingredients you can count on just two hands, and have less than six syllables per word, and is completely biodegradable.

So when your old mattress has you all steamed up in one way or another, just take a minute and check out our fine selection at Arizona Premium Mattress Company. It’s a mattress to last a lifetime.