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Talalay Mattress

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Customers buy a mattress topper for any number of reasons – to rejuvenate an old mattress because they can’t afford a new one or don’t want to replace it, to regulate the temperature of a too-hot or too-cold mattress, or to provide a cover against everyday wear-and-tear. Whatever your reason, it’s good to know the differences between the types of mattress pads out there, what they’re good for, and ultimately, why our Talalay mattress toppers are the best ones out there.

Wool is one of the most popular night time fabrics in existence, so it would be make sense that in addition to covering up with wool sheets, you could also lay down on a mattress topper made of wool. It’s also surprisingly cool - the natural breathability of the material allows proper airflow throughout the night, making sure you don’t overheat. Unfortunately, wool mattress pads can get pretty pricey, anywhere from $100-300, yet with their price tag, the topper will need to be fluffed up every couple of weeks to get the lumps out of it.

Featherbeds have a bit of an old-world mystique. They’re the things our grandparents sung about cuddling on with their sweethearts, but they never sang the praises of the little jolt they received when they shifted late in the night and one of the feathers poked out of the topper and right into their back, and for good reason. These can get even lumpier than wool, and usually end up costing around the same, but sometimes less. In addition, they’re also notoriously hard to clean, often requiring dry cleaning.

Fiberbeds are the synthetic version of featherbeds, for those who either don’t like or are morally opposed to sleeping on natural feathers. Problem is, while these beds are the cheapest mattress topping solution, around $50-$100, they inherit all of the featherbed’s problems. Machine washing a featherbed is tantamount to buying another one, since many times the material inside becomes far too lumpy or distorted to actually be considered usable. They’re a cheap way to add a little extra fluff to a mattress, but not much.

Memory foam is the biggest fad in sleep gear to date, and that fact alone comes with its own set of problems. Often imitated and barely perfected, many companies have scrambled together their own incarnations simply to cash in on the hype. Done correctly, memory foam can be a supportive and cushy way to improve your mattress. However, customers roll the dice every time they attempt to buy as to whether it’ll be a quality mattress or not. As well, all memory foam products are made with toxic petrochemicals that can emit an unpleasant odor once people lay down on them.

Finally, natural latex mattress toppers, like our Talalay Latex blend, are the cream of the crop. The best part? Our mattress toppers are comparable in price to other higher-end mattress toppers of all makes. However, that does not mean we manufacture in the same way as other, more easily manufactured mattress accessories. Our products are always worth the investment, because of how we make them. Using all-natural ingredients, the Talalay process is derived from rubber tree plants and harvested at only certain times of the year. However, in contrast to our Dunlop natural latex products, Talalay latex is further processed to create a more blended, uniform feel, resulting in a softer product than Dunlop. However, Talalay can create a range of thicknesses, from soft to firm. As such, it can provide support for those with bad backs, or add more support to a flagging mattress.

Best of all, Talalay latex is just as natural as all natural latex foam manufactured products, meaning that your new mattress topper is made to last. So check out our selection, and remember, when you’re looking for the best in sleep, you’re always going to find yourself at Arizona Mattress Company.