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Latex Mattresses for Phoenix, AZ - Why YOU Need One

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As you all know Phoenix, AZ has a very hot climate which makes latex mattresses the perfect bed for our environment. Latex beds are made with open cell natural rubber from the rubber trees which means that increased air flow equals a cooler sleep. Memory foam on the other hand is the worse possible choice for Phoenix or any hot climate for that matter because it is made with closed cell foam (miniature sized bubble wrap) which does not breathe well at all. Now if you are looking to lose weight then perhaps memory foam is a good way to go but for me I prefer to NOT sweat in bed.

Any of you who have purchased either a memory foam mattress or memory foam topper I'm sure noticed a rather unpleasant odor when you first got it. That's all the nasty chemicals used to make memory foam off-gassing. That will continue, although at a slower pace, for the entire life of the mattress. You might become used to it but it will never go away completely. I don't know about you but the thought of breathing that crap night after night just does not appeal to me at all. Latex mattresses do not off-gas because there is nothing trapped inside cells to escape due to it's open cell construction. 

So you may be asking yourself why you have never heard of a latex mattress before? The answer is simple, latex mattresses are one of the best kept secrets of the mattress industry. The problem with them and why they will never be mainstream in Phoenix or anywhere else is simply that they LAST TOO LONG. There is no planned obsolescence like there is with all the one sided pillow top beds you see in the stores these days. So if you do find them in a store they are usually priced out of range for most people or they are only partially made with latex and the rest is inferior poly foam. 

Another reason why you should consider a latex bed is because they are made with all natural and non-toxic materials. Can't say that about most other mattresses. The fire retardants used in today's mattresses are now showing up in mothers breast milk and much more. Our latex mattresses made right here at our factory in Phoenix, AZ use all natural wool as our fire retardant instead of chemicals. Of course wool is much more expensive and why most mattress companies refuse to use it in favor of the much cheaper chemical barrier options. 

Lastly but most important, all of the features outlined above mean nothing if the bed is not comfortable. Latex foam has the ability to mold to your body contours and relieve pressure points like no other mattress on the planet. Choosing the right firmness is extremely important and simply going down to your local sleep shop and laying on a mattress for five minutes is just not enough. You need to be fitted based on you body type, weight, sleeping style, etc. No one has more experience matching you up to the proper latex mattress here in Phoenix than we do. We often recommend different firmness choices for each person because think about it, a heavier person needs more support than does a lighter person. A side sleeper likes it soft whereas a back sleeper typically likes it firmer. Until now you either both compromise or end up with one of those select your number air beds which are simply waterbeds reincarnated. Problem with those is that they leak and usually right after the warranty expires and they don't offer proper support no matter what your number is. I've documented latex mattresses lasting over 50 years. Yep, just Google 50 Year Latex and see for yourself. 

Stop by our Latex Mattress Showroom here in Phoenix, AZ and get your own fitting. Located just North of Deer Valley Rd. and just East of I-17 at 22201 N. 24th Ave.

By Ken Hightower