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Certified Organic Latex Mattresses: Good for You, Good for the Planet


Organics are all the rage. Whether it’s organically-made food, clothing, drinks, cookware, house cleaners or water bottles -- if it can be bought with an organic option, it will be made with it. Some organic products might seem a little silly but for others, they’re a vast improvement over their non-organic counterparts. As a general rule of thumb, we at Arizona Premium Mattress Company prefer our peaches without pesticides. But do you know what else we like without pesticides? Our mattresses. Believe it or not, our natural latex mattresses can get even better, and it happens when our mattresses are made of certified organic latex.

Don’t get us wrong – all of our natural latex mattresses are made with premium-quality ingredients, and when you purchase a product from Arizona Premium Mattress Company, you’re buying a product that is in the top five percent of the thousands of latex and memory foam products available. But certified organic latex mattresses are the cream of the crop.

Our supplier, Latex Green, spent several years focusing their own facility and processes to pass the standards set by the Global Organic Latex Standard. Their own trees used for rubber harvesting needed to be pesticide-free for over four years, and then processed on specific machinery, that has not processed other, easier latex mattresses. Latex Green designated a section of their factory with dedicated processing equipment, at great cost. But in the end, being the first mattress company with the capability to sell certified organic latex mattresses is all worth it.

Now you may be asking yourself, “what does all this achieve?” And the answer is, quite honestly, that it creates another option for those of us that want a perfect night’s sleep, and want to feel completely secure in their choice of mattress. Any bed you choose here is going to be above and beyond any other product on the market, but it’s always our driving focus at Arizona Premium Mattress to offer you the absolute best in sleep. Our natural latex mattresses are washed clean of any allergens and chemicals, yet there’s a tiny chance that there might be some interaction for those with latex sensitivities. However, with our certified organic mattresses, any allergens are completely removed so you can sleep with absolute peace of mind. Plus, certified organic mattresses provide some bragging rights for owners who can proudly declare that they own the cleanest, most organic mattress that cannot be bested by anything else on the market today. And it’s even good for the planet. There are literally no downsides, barring the cost, which we always ensure that you’re paying the fairest possible price.

So the choice is yours, and there is no wrong one. Natural latex mattresses or certified organic latex mattresses. Combine either with our organic cotton mattress covers, and you will have the most organic sleeping surface you will ever lay down upon, and will continue to use for decades to come.

You can check out our selection of organic sleep products right here:

Whenever you need a premium sleep experience, all you need to do is find it at Arizona Premium Mattress Company.