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Adjustable Bed Frames – And Why You Want a Latex Mattress to Go With Them

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We’ve all seen the advertisements for adjustable beds: they tout the comfort of a great mattress, with the ability to go above and beyond the traditional box spring, raising and lowering your head, your legs, or both at the same time, creating the ultimate comfort: a semi-recliner that’s actually made out of a bed. If there’s a better way to spend a quiet night than reclining in bed, snacking and watching movies, I haven’t heard of it.

Now, if you’re looking to find yourself the perfect mattress to compliment your great new bedding solution, you should really consider latex. You see, Latex mattresses only need to be about 8 inches thick, which makes the mattress much more flexible and easier to shift with the adjustable bed frame.  

Plus, if we can give you the best mattress for an adjustable bed frame, you can bet your bottom dollar that we provide the best frame available, too. Our Ergo Motion 400 Series is the complete package for any natural latex mattress you choose. With two adjustable head and foot rests, the recliner-dream is a reality. But the main therapeutic value of the Ergo Motion beds lies in our Zero G function. By putting your feet over your heart, the normal pressure your spine is subject to during the day is reduced, and it also improves circulation throughout your body as well. Not a bad deal for just kicking your feet up. 

Now, that might be enough to get you to purchase your very own hydraulic wonderbed, but we’re not done yet. Imagine this: You’ve come home and placed yourself into Zero G mode. You then hit a button on your handy dandy wireless remote, and out of nowhere, your feet begin to be massaged by the Ergo Motion. That’s right. Not only does our bed relieve stress on the spine and improve circulation, but it can also provide anywhere from ten to thirty minutes of massage therapy at three different levels of intensity for your head and feet.

Now as with our premium quality mattresses, our Ergo Motion beds come in a variety of sizes and require a bit of investment. However, you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind, personal sleep paradise. It’s the best way to sleep, and once you lay down, you might need to call in late until you get used to it.

So go ahead - get the gift of sleep as a grand gesture for the ones you love this year, or make an investment on your sleep for decades to come. We invite you to go out and do your research on which adjustable bed is the best, but we’re sure that you won’t find a better matchup than our Ergo Motion 400 series and a Natural Latex Mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress Company. We’re built to last, for a sleep that is second-to-none every time you lay down. Remember, when you want the best in sleep, you’ll always find yourself at Arizona Premium Mattress Company.