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What kind of mattress gives the best value?

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We’ve talked before about the benefits of latex mattresses over others, and we’ve touched on how long they can last you, but we’ve never really gone into what that means for your wallet. Well, it’s time we do that. So keep reading and see how you can get the most value for your hard-earned money.

Innerspring Mattresses:

We’ll be honest. We don’t speak too highly of the most prominent mattress out there, but honestly, it’s because other than a futon mattress, which is basically a giant pillow that folds in half, they have the shortest lifespan of any mattress on the market. You can expect your innersprings to live about six years with proper maintenance and care. However, this is an average; since there are so many cheap mattresses in this category, you can expect that the “value” mattress you pick up might not even last you two years before it starts developing body impressions. You know, that undesirable trait their companies say is a feature of memory foam and latex mattresses exclusively? Turns out bad springs lose their supportiveness too.

Memory Foam Mattresses:

We tend to think of memory foam mattresses as distant cousins to what we produce here at APMC. Very, very distant cousins. If our natural latex mattresses are diamonds, memory foam mattresses are cubic zirconia. With a nasty off-gassing odor and a tendency to trap body heat, they’re not the greatest mattress to be stuck with for seven years (if they make it that long). In their defense, the off-gassing doesn’t always happen and if it does it doesn’t last forever. Plus, the supportiveness of memory foam is much better than an innerspring. However, the manufacturing process is much more, shall we say, chemically-profuse than latex manufacturing. They also have a much bigger carbon footprint and are less environmentally friendly than latex.

Latex Mattresses:

I mean, what can we say? Can we continue singing the praises of a mattress that has just six ingredients, is odorless, is environmentally friendly and proven to maintain its shape? Can we keep bragging about how long some latex mattresses have lasted – some over five decades!?

Of course we can.

We love our product and we can’t stop ourselves from repeating how amazing what we sell is. Sure, natural latex requires an investment, but it is an investment that you won’t regret because it lasts. Sleep survey and FAQ website SleepLikeTheDead.com states that latex mattresses last about eight years, but we know of latex mattresses that have had life expectancies expanding into decades -- even up to fifty years, with little to no deterioration. So if you take care of your latex mattress it will take care of you. Not only that, without the dips and sags of an innerspring or the radiating heat of memory foam, you’re sure to enjoy a much better quality night’s sleep with a latex mattress.

Air Mattresses:

Air mattresses can last up to nine years, but there’s a catch: you’re basically sleeping on a sophisticated balloon. A really cool balloon, no doubt, but a balloon. That means that it’s subject to over- and under- inflating, impact bursting (don’t jump on the bed too much, kids!) and sharp things: scissors, knives, cats, an overly-jagged toenail, etc. The adjustable beds you see on the market are basically top-of-the line balloon mattresses that cost just as much for one of our beds, require a wall outlet, and might pop.


This favorite of 70s-era lotharios is all but a memory nowadays, but it has a rather decent shelf life of a little over eight years. However, it’s subject to all of the problems an air mattress has, except this one can ruin carpets and floors if it were to leak and go unprotected. Waterbeds are a great thing to try once, but they’re better off in the past. The future is here, and we’re keeping it all natural.

There’s a lot of things to consider when getting a new mattress – not just your comfort but the price. We get it. However, we do offer several different options to help you find the right natural latex mattress at the right price for you. It’s your body, it doesn’t deserve to sleep on something subpar. Choose the something that will be right for your budget and last you many years to come.

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