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Latex Mattress Advantages

Advantages of Owning a Latex Mattress

The advantages of owning a latex mattress are numberous. You've probably already read about their incredible durability, the fact that they are non-toxic and ecofriendly, they are cool to sleep on and so on. But the real advantage to owning a latex mattress lies purely in their comfort. The ability to mold to your body and relieve pressure points while still offering amazing support is truly unique in today's mattress marketplace.

Latex Beds are Hot - Not!

Open cell latex foam offers a naturally cool sleeping environment because it allows greater air flow than the closed cell foams found in most mattresses utilizing memory foam in the construction. Now if you like to be hot then perhaps latex mattresses are not for you. In winter latex adapts to room tempurature so not to worry, you won't freeze your butt off if you live in a cold climate.

Latex Mattress Advantages Include Best ROI

Don't buy a latex mattress thinking you will have to replace it every 5 years like the other mattress companies are trying to convince you to do. Your new latex mattress will last for decades, not half a decade. Yes, I have seen latex mattresses last over 30 years, 40 years and even 50 years which I documented in an eye opening video found below -

There will be no better return on investment when it comes to mattresses than the purchase of a new latex foam bed. So when you add up all the advantages of owning a latex foam mattress like Oeko-TEX certified to be free of harmfull chemicals, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, extreme durability, and lastly the pure comfort, there is simply no other mattress on the planet that can stack up to a latex mattress.

Now you might be thinking sure, sounds great but how can I afford one of these when I can barely afford my house payment these days? Well that's a real problem if you were to visit your local sleep shop because these truly unique beds to come at a high price normally. But you now have the latex mattress buyers advantage at your fingertips when you purchase from us. Arizona Premium Mattress Co. offers true wholesale to the public pricing on these great beds. No middle man, just factory direct your doorstep.

So now that you know all the advantages of a latex mattress, what's stopping you from at least looking into them as an alternative to spending days if not weeks parading yourself through a local sleep shop only to feel like you need a shower when you get home to was off all the bull?