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Gel Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

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Introducing Talalay GL Gel-Latex-Memory Foam Toppers

Introducing Talalay GL - Gel - Memory Foam - Latex All in One

This item has been discontinued by our supplier and is no longer available however we will be posting a similar product shortly!!!!

Benefits of Talalay GL

Maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night while experiencing the comfort, pressure relief and health benefits of Talalay Latex.

Slow or fast recovery feel with exclusive Talalay Latex Phase Change Technology

Slow recovery feel without the negatives of temperature sensitivity

A true talalay latex which provides superior durability, breath ability and health benefits

Absorbs heat energy released from the body

Phase change materials cool down a warm body and warm up a cool body

Motion separation for undisturbed sleep

Less tossing and turning by minimizing fluctuations in body temperature

Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant

All this and no chemical smell often found in memory foam mattresses and toppers!

Talalay GL is Cool

Talalay GL was formulated with "phase change materials" which are designed to maintain your body temperature at a even level so when you start to get hot it's cooling effect kicks in. When you start to get too cool the warming aspect starts to get you back to a neutral sleeping zone. Check out the graphics below:

Spring Mattress with Memory Foam Pillow Top- hot memory foam

Red indicates hot spots, Blue shows cooler spots.

Talalay GL Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper- 3 inch Talalay GL gel memory foam mattress topper

Talalay GL is made in the U.S.A. by Latex International

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