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ErgoMotion Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds -

are becoming more popular as people discover the luxuries of having an adjustable bed. Today's adjustable beds have changed, and they cater to a much wider variety of lifestyles - The Latex Mattress Company specializes in these beds and gives you significant savings on the finest adjustable beds.

ErgoMotion 400 Adjustable Bed by ErgoMotion U.S.

Outstanding Features & Benefits Of our Adjustable Beds.

Adjustable Comfort, Wall Hugging Action, and Quality Engineering Mark this Outstanding Adjustable Bed

Superior Wall Hugging Action (Slides back as it sits up)

Quality Engineered From the Bottom Up

Luxurious Box Spring Appearance

Whisper Quiet Adjustment Quiet, Soothing Massage System

Variable Height Options

Full Mattress Support

Back-lit Wireless Remote

Lighter Weight (24-38% lighter than many others)

The finest adjustable beds.