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Certified Organic Latex

Latex Green Introduces the World's First Mattress Cores and Toppers made with Certified Organic Latex.

After years of preparation Latex Green has finally produced the World's First latex mattress cores and toppers made with Certified Organic Latex. Add to it our Organic Cotton zippered cover and you have one of the most organic latex mattresses we've seen. Being all natural is one thing but it's entirely different when the latex comes from Certified Organic Latex farmers. Organic Latex Mattresses

**LEGAL DISCLAIMER- This latex core and topper is GOLS Certified to be harvested from organic rubber trees. Organic Certification and MSDS available upon request**

It has been a long time in the works and very difficult to achieve this status. Latex Green which is located in Sri Lanka uses latex from farmers who separate a large portion of their rubber plantation and keep it free from inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides for many years in order to achieve organic certification. Further more, a portion of the manufacturing facility had to be separated and kept completely sterile. This was a major process with great expense incurred to make this happen but Latex Green's commitment to Mother Earth and her environment has been nothing less than inspirational.

Organic Latex Mattresses

Arizona Premium Mattress Company is proud to be one of if not THE first latex mattress manufactures to utilize this incredible organic product and offer it not at grossly inflated "specialty bed" prices but rather at our every day factory direct prices. As usual this product will demand an unusually high dollar when it does hit the normal retail bedding stores but you now have the ability to buy a first of it's kind at an honest price without feeling like you are being punished for actually caring about our planet and our environment.

Our construction is as follows: Dunlop processed Latex Core made with GOLS Certified Organic latex and is 6" thick. It's available in soft, medium or firm ILD's along with a 2" soft (24 ILD) topper of the same organic latex. Our organic cotton zippered cover is included. This latex mattress is roll packed in one piece and shipped direct to your doorstep via UPS for an average price of around 100 bucks.