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Budget Priced Latex Mattresses

Budget Priced Latex Mattress Combos w/Bamboo Cover

Introducing our NEW Duvet Natural Dunlop Budget Priced Latex Mattresses. You asked for it, now here it is!

With the tremendous success of our 3" duvet latex mattress toppers many people have asked us to make a complete bed utilizing this amazing mattress pad. We'll I am proud to say that after months of testing it is finally available and at a price you would expect from us with King mattresses under $900. Select the size you are looking for above to see complete specifications on this economically priced latex mattress using all natural dunlop duvet style latex.

The cool natural relief of our Talalay latex mattress is in sync with increasingly health conscious individuals. This mattress provides superior comfort and support along with being Eco-Friendly. And because Talalay latex is manufactured with the well being of the environment in mind, you'll never sleep better.
Eco Sleep Latex Mattress

This Eco-Friendly Mattress:

*Uses natural latex extracted from the tropical rubber tree
*Talalay process uses natural, biodegradable ingredients.
*Factory automation ensures optimized energy usage during the key molding stage of the Talalay process.
*Multi-stage mattress washer minimizes water usage.
*Certified by the International Association for Research and Testing in the field of textile ecology to be free of harmful substances.

A Healthier Alternative to Traditional Mattresses:

*Instantly yet gently conforms to the contour of your body for exceptional orthopedic support and pressure relief.
*Proven to provide up to 33% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam.
*Helps maintain oxygen and nutrient flow to your muscles for a more recuperative sleep.


* 6" 2lb density #33 ILD Eco-friendly open cell base foam made with castor and soy bean oil.

Our Green Foam is odor free and clear,

thanks to the addition of activated carbon. Open cell structure increases resilient comfort

Air flows through allowing it to breathe

Fresh foam odor eliminating technology keeps your home environment fresher, cleaner - like a spring day outside!

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial to fight mold growth and odor causing bacteria.

*Top foam consists of 2" soft #24 ILD Talalay latex foam.
*Mattress cover is a full 360 degree zippered cover made of 100% Bamboo fibers, and 100% biodegradable. Bamboo naturally resists bacteria, fungi, and dust mites while containing no harmful chemicals. Bamboo boosts four times the moisture absorbancy of cotton for a drier, more comfortable sleep. Bamboo is also softer than cotton but stronger than synthetic fibers. Fabric is quilted to 100% New Zealand Joma Wool.
*Finished size is 9"
*This mattress rates as a "medium" feel overall and not recommended for individuals over 250lbs.

This item is roll packed and ships via UPS. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.