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Blended Talalay

Here at Arizona Premium Mattress Company we have been using blended talalay latex in our mattresses and latex mattress toppers for over 13 years with great success. There is a lot of talk about "all natural" but the bottom line is blended latex has been around for along time and has a proven track record. Check out our new 3" latex mattress toppers as well.

Our toppers come in "soft" 22 ILD and are 2" thick.

The addition of a latex mattress topper can greatly enhance your sleeping experience. We've all been there, bed wore out but not enough money to get a new one. By simply adding one of these toppers you can achieve a new feeling in your old bed. It won't take out the dips, but it will give you back that soft pillow top feel that has now compressed into near nothing but you and the springs.

You might ask yourself "why is my bed doing this when it's less that 5 years old"? Answer, it was designed that way. It's up to you to keep the economic machine turning. Beds nowadays are not made the same as when we were kids. Comfort is what sells now, not durability. But why can't we get both? Well now you can. At Latex Mattress Company you can get that wonderfully comfortable feeling and durability too. Our all latex foam mattresses can provide both.

You can now find these types of mattresses in most retail mattress stores but I must warn you, they do come with a steep price tag. The main reason they are so expensive in the stores is simply because of their durability. You buy one and you won't be back to that store for a very, very long time. So because they will lose you as a repeat customer for at least 20 years they need to suck the life blood right out of you now instead of a little bit every 5 years.

At our latex mattress factory we have an old school approach to selling our hand-crafted latex beds. We look to each of our customers as potential salespersons that we don't even have to pay commissions to. Odds are someone in the office will be complaining about a bad nights sleep or aching back when you can pop in to the conversation with fresh eyes to tell about the wonderful sleep you've been getting one your new latex mattress you bought at Latex Mattress Company. This is how we advertise. Old school word of mouth. Worked good in the past, still works good today!

NOTE: Latex Mattress Toppers are considered a personal item and are not returnable and do not have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.Seams are normal on some sizes.