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All Natural Latex Pillows

Allergy Free Latex Pillows!

Latex Pillow Key Features & Benefits:

Inherently Superior Orthopedic Support.

Maximum Durability, Impression Resistant.

Anti-Microbial, Dust-mite Resistant.

Cool in summer, Warm in winter.

Naturally Derived. Environmentally Friendly

Naturalux Latex pillows are perfect choice for anyone wanting to breathe fresh clean air while they sleep. Our "Naturalux" pillows are made of pure 100% Natural Latex. They have a traditional molded design, are pincored for breathability and comfort, and are anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. Available with a 100% cotton zippered cover. Our Contour pillow is a popular dual-lobed cervical design, which provides proper neck/spine alignment. Available with a choice of high quality cotton zippered covers. Either way you will love your new latex pillow